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The future of work – Programme FS 2022

The future of work – Programme FS 2022 Article Image

14. January 2022

Rapid technological advancements, demographic changes, societal shifts in values, and other forces are dramatically re-shaping the world of work. But what will the future of work hold? Join us for the Digital Society Initiative Lecture Series “The Future of Work”, in which academics and policymakers explore different aspects of how the world of work will look in the future. We will discuss how increased gig work is shaping the labor market, and how digitalization is changing humanitarian work at organizations like the Red Cross. We will see evidence as to why doomsday pictures of the future of work are wrong, and how fundamentally human skills such as humor and time use shape success for leaders and employees in the future of work. All interested are invited to participate in the events free of charge. On-site childcare will be provided on prior demand.

Programme FS 2022

2 March, 2022
Why the future of work is funny

Prof. Dr. Jamie L. Gloor, PhD
Prof. Dr. Jamie Gloor
Assistant Professor for Diversity and Leadership Science, University of St. Gallen

9 March, 2022
The precarious future(s) of gig work: Migration, datafication & financialization

Prof. Dr. Niels van Doorn
Prof. Dr. Niels van Doorn

Assistant Professor of New Media and Digital Culture in the Department of Media Studies, University of Amsterdam

22 March, 2022
The future of humanitarian work in light of digitalisation

Stoll Philippe

Philippe Stoll
Head of the Digital Transformation and Partnership Engagement at the International Commitee of the Red Cross (ICRC)

18 May, 2022
The end of work: why it won’t happen

Prof. Dr. Daniel Oesch
Prof. Dr. Daniel Oesch
Professor in Economic Sociology, University of Lausanne

1 June, 2022
Time and well-being in the future of work

Dr. Laura M. Giurge
Dr. Laura M. Giurge
Assistant Professor at London School of Economics and Political Science

DSI Event room SOC-E-010
Rämistrasse 69, Zurich

Wednesday, 5.45 to 7.15 pm
Exception: Tuesday 22 March

On-site child-care is available on prior demand:

Entrance Free of Charge

Programme FS 2022